Updated Information about Packets

Good Afternoon everyone. To clear up some confusion:
Only return the work that your child has finished. Students are not required to complete everything they received in the first packet. Some of you had more than 10 days of work. You are not expected to have it done. Just keep working.

For example, students will not be finished with the entire Fantastic Five booklet on Friday. Do not tear it apart, just continue working in it. But, return any Fantastic Five booklet that you have already finished.

Work at a comfortable pace. Do not stress over this. We are all having to be very flexible as we work through this.

THIRD GRADERS: Please keep your science books. You will get more assignments and will need it.

Our main goal is that everyone is safe and well. Take social distancing seriously. When you return and pick up packets keep ample space between you and others who may arrive at the same time.

Be well.

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